To make sure you only get the best quality products, we follow our unique 5 step process:

1.- Our meats are always fresh because we get them directly from local farms.

2.-We take the products to our packing plant to be sealed and adequately packaged for the longest freshness.

3.- All our meat pallets are delivered to our storage facilities.

4.- Our Cold storage facility will maintain your beef fresh until you order it.

5.- You'll take it home and enjoy a deluxe meal prepared with the finest meats: Professional Meats.


Pro Meats is Godsend to those of us who have families and work long hrs. The meat is fresh, thaws in fifteen minutes and most dinner will be ready in under 30 mins

S. Barnes

Wife & Mother of six children

Excellent! Very happy with their products & delivery!

Marilyn Sturgill

New Customer During the Covid-19 Pandemic

My Eat Like The Pro's membership provides me a free delivery and bulk family variety packages that I can depend on each month; no lines no waiting. I truly recommend this membership.

C. Clemons

Founder / President Villiage Keepers Adult Day Health Service, Inc.

Taste, Tenderness, and Flavor; Amazing portion control gourmet meat straight to your home.

C. Jones-Markham

Owner of a Home Daycare

Pro Series 4 / BONUS

Experience an incredible saving while enjoying five star gourmet cuts of all natural meat when you order any 4 cases of the Pro Series "Eat like the Pro's" !
Buy in bulk w/ wholesale pricing.

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"Boss Vegas" Prime Steak

Professional Meats prides its' business model on a co-branding with reciprocal partners, foundations and affiliates. All Members 5% OFF on "Eat Like A Boss" Edition; Prime Grass Fed Premium Quality Steak Cuts

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Grass Fed New York Strips Steaks

Premium Quality Gourmet Steaks

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Professional Meats of New England, Inc, Meat Retail, Springfield, MA